Sailing in Virksund is for everyone

Why should you buy a sailboat, just because you want to go sailing? Virksund Sailing Club quits the myth, that sailing is only for people with too much money and too much time. Everyone can go sailing.

Sailing is possible for everyone who wants to go.

Virksund Sailing Club has made it possible by building its own fleet, available for members. We have one international H-Boat, one Polaris Drabant sailboat and an international Soling. They are available through out the week for both training and racing. Each boat holds three or four people.

If you want to go sailing and you have tried to handle a yacht or sailboat beforehand as a skipper and have some skills, you should consider to be a member of the crew in Virksund.

You can also participate in our yacht race every Wednesday evening. Of course you can take part, if you have your own sailboat. You can also participate as a crew member. Just show up in Virksund Sailing Club Wednesday at 1815 hours. Then, we will appoint a crew for you. The sailing skills will gradually be acquired, if you show up and participate in the competition every week.

If you want to have some basic training and learn how to handle a sailboat, you can sign up for our training and sailing school. Every week from May till October we have training lessons in Virksund. As a woman you can also register and go for sailing. Among other women you will have a lot of fun and cosy atmosphere every week while you are sailing. Meet Up Monday at 7 PM.

If you have children interested in sailing they should start to practice at northern lake – Nørresø – in Viborg. Every Tuesdag at 5 PM children are sailing at the lake. Of course the security at sea is at the highest possible level.

So, whether you previously have sailed or you would like to learn it, or you are just curious to try, then we have an offer for you.

If you are old, young, student or a family we have made it possible for you.

Now sailing is for everyone.

Interested? Call us or send an e-mail. Our address is

Telephone 31313310.

You can also use the formula in here, then we will contact you.